Borondi Group is a holding company headquartered in Silicon Valley and focused on building a portfolio of global operating assets at the intersection of pervasive computing and traditionally conservative industries. It is our conviction that we are entering a period of unprecedented corporate disruption and dislocation fueled by the acceleration of several exponential technology trends combined with systemic market shifts. The result will be the re-design of key aspects of entire industries.

With deep domain knowledge, we are capitalizing on the global confusion these trends and shifts are creating to build sustainable, long-term economic value for all participants in the Borondi ecosystem. Our passion is to create the future, building businesses that are enduring, highly profitable, global in scale and that move society forwards. What’s at stake is the potential to influence and participate in $7 trillion of global GDP growth in the next two decades.

Our Name

Borondi is an Aboriginal term.
Aboriginal Definition: boro-ndi
infl. verb (tr.)
root -boro-; past -ndi; ppfv -ng

1. to make, to cause
2. to make, as in create

This name was chosen to reflect the Australian roots of Borondi’s founding team, as well as the literal meaning ‘to create’ and ‘to cause’. We are focused on creating new businesses, long-term shareholder value for all Borondi participants and are also focused on the creative aspect of business building which we believe will be highly valued over time as technology automates an increasing number of business functions. We are also actively involved in all of our operating ventures, to directly drive or ‘cause’ shareholder value creation for all Borondi participants.

Our Logo

Our logo is a symbolic representation of a pool of water. In Australia, these are referred to as billabongs. The two circles are intended to represent ripples that are created in water, a metaphor for the transparency with which Borondi operates, and the far-reaching industry and societal impacts that our ventures will have – extending well beyond their direct sphere of influence. The circles are also intended to convey simplicity, and a learning mindset for all Borondi participants while being an abstract reference to the dots that make up traditional Aboriginal art.

From a distance dots in Aboriginal artworks form animals and landscapes, they tell a story. Up close they are simply individual colored dots. This is analogous to the atomization of corporations that we believe will take place over the next 20 years. The color schemes for Borondi reflect the natural earth colors pervasive in Aboriginal art, and a reference to Borondi participants being grounded. The font selection reflects strength, reliability, integrity, and longevity.